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Established the first smart wearable industry technology innovation alliance in Baoan, Shenzhen

January 28, Shenzhen Baoan District smart wearable industrial technology innovation alliance in the national incubator, Baoan District of peach blossom source of innovation of science and Technology Park was officially inaugurated become the city's first intelligent wear industry alliance, Baoan and Shenzhen smart wear chain enterprises to build a production, learning and research, capital collaborative innovation platform for the exchange.
Baoan smart wearable industry annual output value of 1000000000 yuan.
It is reported that Baoan District Intelligent wearable robot industry technology innovation alliance by Shenzhen Harper Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen also Ivy company, Shenzhen brilliant brother Technology Co., Ltd., many enterprises jointly sponsored and established. League gathering intelligence on the wearing of the downstream industry chain enterprises, Chinese Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., big data platform, industrial park, financial capital, and other elements, to explore the establishment of industrial technology alliance with enterprises as the main body, the combination of production, teaching and research, financial capital and effective docking, build production, learning and research, capital WIN platform for scientific and technological innovation, and Baoan create important domestic intelligence wear industry base.
According to reports, at present, China's smart wear industry entered the stage of rapid development, most of the world's smart wearable products all by the Shenzhen manufacturing, and most of the products manufacturing enterprises gathered in Baoan, the main products include smart watches, smart bracelet, bracelet and so on, wisdom can wear chain enterprises about 200, directly engaged in wearable terminal equipment production enterprises, about 100, the output value accounted for more than 60% of the Shenzhen the industry. Industry is expected, in 2014 the output value reached 1000000000 yuan. At present, Baoan has 2 to 3 a week or a new company to participate in the transformation of smart wearable product development and application and production.
Although Baoan District Intelligent wear industry is still in the initial stage, but Baoan District government already from the information market keen to sniff out the life machine infinite field, held a number of related discussion, smart wearable enterprises to solve problems. Party secretary Tian Fu, mayor Wang Hongbin personally led the investigation into the enterprise. Tian Fu has on multiple occasions said that smart wear and other industries of the future market potential is tremendous, Baoan to a step ahead, as the industrial restructuring and the direction of, to seize the heights of industry development in the future, as the industry leader ".
Baoan District Wang Hongbin highly affirmed the enterprise spontaneous formation of industry associations and Industry Alliance "Baotuan" approach, and that the government will for the future of the industry put forward specific support policies and related measures, power industry development and growth.
Smart wearable Industrial Park opened in April is expected to
At the opening ceremony, Baoan District Bureau of science and technology innovation is mainly responsible for the introduction, the high-tech industry has become the main force of be worthy of the name of Baoan District. In 2014, region's high-tech product output value of 2927 billion yuan, increased by 12.4%, 58.4% of the region's total industrial output value accounted for; last year the region new state-level high-tech enterprises 292, the total reached 905, achieved two years doubled, ranking second in the city's. At the same time, Baoan is a big innovation, in 2014, the government invested 213000000 yuan, the whole social research and development investment 8560000000 yuan, an increase of 21%, accounting for GDP weight increased to 3.6%. Total patent applications over 14000, ranking second in the city, including the invention patents over 2200, an increase of 19.4, 17% percentage points higher than the city.
The responsible person said, Baoan District will implement the "incubator" strategy, is expected to in April this year, build a smart wearable industry professional technology innovation park, aggregation and the introduction of a number of industry leading enterprises settled in Baoan.
Seize the future Baoan do well
Baoan district established the first smart wearable industrial technology innovation alliance, "Baoan of Shenzhen City, as well as related industry chain enterprises to build research collaborative innovation platform" undoubtedly Baoan District Industrial Transformation upgrade, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to add a "the fire".
As everyone knows, Baoan is the Shenzhen development of the "root", the industrial area also have long enjoyed a good reputation. After more than 30 years of rapid development, the traditional development mode and economic operation bottleneck is becoming increasingly prominent, industrial restructuring, development and upgrading, is the only way. In recent years, Baoan District government operate from a strategically advantageous position, puts forward to innovation driven industrial restructuring and upgrading, the construction of the innovation system, introduced to promote industrial transformation "1 + 5" and a number of supporting policies and boost the development of strategic emerging industries grow, and achieved remarkable results. In the recently held the five session of the Baoan District Four Party Congress work report, and proposed the implementation of action plan for industrial transformation and upgrading.
From the second half of last year, the Baoan District new team set up soon, we put forward the transformation and upgrading of the four plan, to further promote the development of the future industry. Determined to become bigger and do strong growth of good, strong ability to innovate, leading significant value of high-tech enterprises, in the words of Baoan District Party committee secretary of the risk is to change "seeing thousands of ships at sea, not see the unfavorable situation of the aircraft carrier Jujian", hope to cultivate super aircraft carrier group, driven by traditional industry district makes great strides forward to the modern industrial strong area.
Aiming at the forefront, decision-making thinking transformation. Smart wearable industry, is in the ascendant in the world, known as the future industry. Baoan District decision-makers keen insight into the boundless prospects for the development of, the relevant departments as a positive, continuous "matchmaking", "plodding", the fragmented nature of the associated enterprises, one after another "dig", promote the integration of industrial chain, and create information, technology and market sharing platform, let originally alone business, can play an important role in the overall strength, the formation of competitive force.
Shenzhen industry development history is the first step in the history of innovation. Then there is no dare for the world first, vigorously develop the courage of export-oriented economy, there is no prosperity at the beginning of the reform in Shenzhen; not vigorously develop high-tech industries of the decision, there is no Shenzhen today's brilliant. For the future, to continue the horse forward, this is the Shenzhen spirit, but also the historical mission. Baoan approach, a good interpretation of the meaning of "seize the future".
Who seize the commanding point of the future of the industry, who will win the warlords, the opportunity to succeed. As the initiative, horse forward, do well in Baoan. (reporter Deng Hongli Zhao Chuan)